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Outside Anagni Festival, how the 2023 edition went

    While the 2023 edition of the Anagni Medieval and Renaissance Theater Festival is still in progress, the three evenings of the Fuori Festival closed with great success with the public and the press (we got a report from TGLazio).

    The red evening dedicated to Cesanese del Piglio DOCG, the white evening dedicated to Passerina del Frusinate IGT, and the bubbly evening with local sparkling wines (in addition to the presentation of Anagni IGT in the white and red versions) involved all the producers of Anagni.

    But the real disruptive effect was this marriage between food and wine culture and theater culture that suddenly materialized in the three evenings of the Fuori Festival but seemed natural to everyone. As if everyone unconsciously had already celebrated it without, however, having done the ceremony.

    The first positive sign was the presence each evening of a key player in winemaking. Francesco Trimani of the historic Colacicchi winery 'opened the dance' (if you can call it that). He was supposed to stay just long enough for an interview and instead helped us close the event tables at the end of the evening. It seemed to us a clear sign of contagious happiness, like all that of this marriage between the cultures of the area.

    Just as we were struck by the smile and helpfulness of Monica Marcucci of Marcella Giuliani winery, who also helped set up and set up the Fuori Festival space with an absolute spirit of joy for the evening. Her effervescence perhaps surpassed that of her wine! Marina and Federico Perinelli of Casale della Ioria also spoke.

    But the icing on the back was the presence and availability of Antonello Coletti Conti (sometimes considered a lone wolf) who pioneered the transformation of Cesanese wine from a wine meant to be consumed immediately by tourists to one of Italy's most valuable reds. Antonello stayed to tell and give information about Cesanese throughout the duration of the Fuori Festival on more than one evening. Every so often we would turn around and find him watching us. He was a real star performer and he too was infected by our happiness.

    We cannot mention all the other producers, in the spaces dedicated to in-depth analysis and interviews we met with more than 100 producers and protagonists of Anagni's cultural life and understood the importance of the connection with the territory that goes beyond words of circumstance. You can find the interviews starting today on the website www.fuorifestivalanagni.it and on the Fuori Festival socials and we will finish uploading them all in the coming days.

    "From this union Anagni emerges as a true capital of the Alta Ciociaria. The Anagni Medieval and Renaissance Theater Festival is now the longest-running festival in Ciociaria, and for this edition we are gathering material for a celebration during the fall. Getting to this milestone has been an exhilarating experience," commented Mayor Daniele Natalia.

    All of this could not have been accomplished without the involvement of two aldermen from the municipality of Anagni who each worked within their skills/passions.

    Carlo Marino is a volcano of creativity and in recent years the presence of national and international tourists has greatly increased, "Today Anagni is a capital of culture and a destination chosen by more and more art lovers but not only. We did a survey of festival goers and found a good percentage of people from outside the region but among the audience we found people from Uruguay, Australia, America, Scotland and Germany."

    Anna de Lellis is in her first experience as an alderman but has brought a wealth of organizational professionalism and has been the real driving force behind the Fuori Festival , "I have joined a close-knit team and my delegation to the promotion of local products has brought me together with top-notch producers with whom we will have an exciting journey together."

    Last but not least, a thank you to the Pro Loco who 'makes things happen' so that everything comes to fruition in the best possible way. Its unobtrusive presence and team spirit are fundamental to the city of Anagni.

    Meanwhile, we continue to follow the evenings of the Anagni Medieval and Renaissance Theater Festival and prepare more surprises for you.

    In photo, actor Marco Blanchi performs with Glauco Mauri in "Il Canto dell'Usignolo"

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